Confessions of a Romantic

And a Bit of Fantasy

gullivers-travels-1731861Someone once told me a good bio should contain things nobody knows about you, so here are some things you might not know about me.

I’ve written two books that haven’t seen the light of day. They were practice. I have published two children’s book: Meena Mouse’s Perfect Raspberry and Hubert Little’s Great Adventure. I also have a collection of dark short stories, Myth, Magic and Monsters. My novel, Gatekeeper, will soon have a sequel: Chaos. You can keep up to date on my Facebook page: Trilby-Plants

Here’s something most people don’t know about me:

My love of story in general began when I was five. My mother read me and my brother Gulliver’s Travels. My brother, who was fifteen months younger than I, only talked about how Gulliver put out the fire in the Lilliputian town by urinating on it. I saw the story as a portal to the magical world of books.

I had a book about fairies, brownies and other little people. Those stories opened my eyes to unreal worlds. Of course, when I was very young I thought the fantastic must be real in some way. I remember believing that some kind of civilization existed on top of clouds. Made of candy, no less.

At some point I realized fairy stories were fiction, but I also discovered that storytellers could build their own worlds, whether the real world, or fantasy. I read a great deal of pulp science fiction in my younger years, then found fantasy more to my liking, especially stories that were grounded in reality with fantastical elements. I love a good horror story. The ones about real people scare the socks off me, but the supernatural, not so much.

I’ve always wondered if little people really live in the shadows of our world. That’s another story.

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